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Evaluation of corneal edema in diabetic patients after cataract surgery; specular microscopy or corneal optical coherance tomography?

Hakika Erdogan, Ziya Akingol, Ozlem Cam


Aim: There are many reasons cause endothelial loss during cataract  surgery. Post operative edema may be persistent due to endothelial loss. Instruments are used for predicting this condition and postopertive follow-up. The aim of the study is to understand if there is any compatibilty between OCT measured Descement membrane-endothelium complex volume and specular microscopy measured endothelial structure in diabetic patient. Metod: On preopertif period and during postoperative follow-up, SM (specular microscopy), COCT (corneal optical coherence tomography) and central corneal thickness (CCT) with SM and COCT analyses were performed at 10 day and 30 day follow-ups in diabetic patients. The thickness of the descemet endotel complex (DEC) was used to evaluate endothelial function and morphology. COCT values of patients were evaluated to calculate thickness for DEC. Preoperatively and postoperatively DEC thickness was measured with a distance scale of COCT. Result: In the present study, it was observed that the thickness of DEC calculated by COCT was correlated with CD (cell dencisity), CV (coefficient of variation), CCA (corneal cell area) calculated by specular microscopy, and corneal thickness was correlated with both devices. Conclusion: DEC may be a good alternative choice during planing cataract surgery and postoperative follow-up in diabetic patients.


Specular microscopy, Corneal OCT, Cataract surgery

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