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Assessment of Pharmacist Attitudes and Knowledge toward Prescribed Medications for Dialysis Patients at a Tertiary Hospital

Lolwa Al-Abdelmuhsin, Maha Al-Ammari, Salmeen Babelghaith, Syed Wajid, Mohammed N. Al-Arifi


The present study examined the quality of pharmacist counseling by assessing both knowledge and attitude towards dialysis patients. We further assessed the impact of a pharmacist’s current position and years of experience on attitude and knowledge. A cross sectional survey distributed to outpatient pharmacists, clinical pharmacy residents, and discharge counseling pharmacists working at King Abdul-Aziz Medical City-Central Region. Eighty-five questionnaires distributed, with a response rate of 66.65%. More than 42% of the hospital pharmacists showed optimal attitudes toward dialysis patients. Further, more than 31% of pharmacists chose the correct answer to questions assessing their knowledge about medication prescribed to dialysis patients. In total, 71.2% of them typically seek drug information resources for newly prescribed medications. Sixty-six percent of pharmacy practice residents, 91.7% of discharge-counseling pharmacists, and 55.6% of outpatient pharmacists check patient laboratory results prior to dispensing medications (p-value 0.001). Outpatient pharmacists with more than 10 years of experience tended to review patient laboratory-related findings before dispensing medications (p-value 0.003). In Conclusions most of the hospital pharmacists showed good attitudes toward dialysis patients, with limited knowledge regarding some prescribed medications.


Attitude; knowledge; hospital pharmacists; CKD; dialysis.

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