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Gold nanoparticles, nanoinsulin preparation and its dose dependent effect on trace elements in Alloxan induced diabetic mice

Bashir Ahmad, Manzoor Ahmad, Muhammad Nasir Khan Khattak, Mohamed Y. Zaky, Gehad R. Abdelbaset, Zaheer Ud Din, Akbar Husain, Syed Rafiq Hussain, Bakhtawar Khan, Pengyu Su, Mohammed Alshwmi, Ghulam Nabi, Yaser Gamallat, Faizur Rahman, Ata Ur Rehman, Tariq Mehmood


Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is an endocrine disorder. Different types of nanoparticles are used as drug and insulin carriers. However, these nanoparticles also induce toxicity. Therefore, in the current study, we prepared GNPs, characterize it through SEM, XRD, and prepare its nanoinsulin (NI), administered dose dependently to the DM. The trace elements like Zn, Co, Pb, Cd and Cu were measured using FAAS. The SEM and XRD results showed that the prepared sample was GNPs with 6 nm size. The level of Cd and Co significantly (p<0.05) decreased in lung tissues of nanoinsulin treated mice (NIT) as compared to normal (NC), diabetic (DC) and insulin treated mice (INT). The cobalt level increased significantly (p<0.05) in liver tissues of NIT compared to all groups. NI did not alter the trace element level in kidney tissues. Taken together, all these information suggest that the NI may be useful for diabetes treatment.


Diabetes Mellitus, trace elements, Diabetic mice, nanoinsulin particles, organs weight

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